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Short term storage Dubai DXB Airport

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DXB Airport Short term storage

Short term storage solution at Dubai Airport (DXB) depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some options to consider

1. Official Baggage Storage by Emirates:

  • Locations: Terminals 1 & 3, Arrivals Hall near exit 1 (Terminal 3) and near Gate A6 & A7 (Terminal 1).
  • Cost: AED 40 per standard bag per 24 hours.
  • Services: Secure storage, handling by porters (optional, fee applies).
  • Pros: Convenient location, reliable service, luggage insurance included.
  • Cons: May be crowded during peak hours, relatively expensive.

2. Usebounce – Luggage Storage Network:

  • Locations: Multiple locations across Dubai, including DXB airport (specific locations vary).
  • Cost: Starts from AED 35 per bag per 24 hours.
  • Services: Secure storage through partner shops and hotels, online booking available.
  • Pros: More affordable than official storage, wider range of locations.
  • Cons: Locations may not be directly within the airport terminals, might involve additional travel/transportation.

3. Left Luggage Services by Al Majlis Lounge:

  • Locations: Terminals 1 & 3, dedicated facilities near arrival areas.
  • Cost: Included in lounge access fee (starts from AED 250 for 3 hours).
  • Services: Secure storage, comfortable lounge access with refreshments and amenities.
  • Pros: Luxurious experience, convenient if using the lounge anyway.
  • Cons: Requires lounge access purchase, higher overall cost.

4. Airport Lockers:

  • Locations: Terminal 3, Departures Level near Gate B15.
  • Cost: AED 50 per locker per 24 hours.
  • Services: Self-service lockers, various sizes available.
  • Pros: Conveniently located in departures, relatively affordable.
  • Cons: Limited availability, potentially less secure than other options.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider the duration of your storage needs and choose a plan accordingly.
  • Check weight and size restrictions for stored luggage.
  • Obtain a receipt and keep it safe for retrieval.
  • If unsure, inquire at the information desk or contact the relevant service provider for assistance.

I hope this information helps you find the perfect short-term storage solution at Dubai Airport!

Do you have any other questions about baggage storage at DXB, or would you like further details about any of the options I mentioned? I’m happy to help you make an informed decision.

Short-term storage at Dubai Airport (DXB) offers several advantages, depending on your needs and preferences:


  • Skip luggage hassle: Avoid lugging your bags around with you after arrival or before departure. Free yourself to explore, relax, or catch up on work without baggage worries.
  • Multiple locations: Find storage options conveniently located in both arrival and departure areas across Terminals 1, 2, and 3.
  • 24/7 availability: Store your luggage anytime, day or night, for flexible travel schedules.


  • Peace of mind: Leave your belongings in secure facilities with CCTV surveillance and professional monitoring.
  • Insurance options: Some providers offer additional insurance for stored luggage for extra peace of mind.
  • Safe handling: Opt for porter services to ensure careful handling of your luggage for added security.


  • Compare options: Choose from various providers and plans to find the most affordable solution based on your storage duration and luggage quantity.
  • Avoid excess baggage fees: Store bulky or excess luggage instead of paying airline baggage fees, potentially saving money.
  • Free up cabin space: Pack lighter for your flight and enjoy more cabin space without bulky luggage restrictions.

Additional benefits:

  • Luggage wrapping: Protect your luggage from damage or scratches with professional wrapping services (offered by some providers).
  • Left luggage services: Combine storage with lounge access for a luxurious pre-flight experience at select lounges.
  • Contactless options: Utilize online bookings and self-service lockers for a quick and convenient storage experience.

Overall, short-term storage at DXB offers a convenient, secure, and often cost-effective solution for managing your luggage before or after your flight.

The best option for you for Short term storage at DXB

Short term storage at DXB
Short term storage at DXB

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