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Ensuring everyone’s safety during air travel is of utmost importance, making security checks an essential part of the modern aviation process. While we understand that these checks can be time-consuming, we are here to help you make the process smoother. Here are some tips to facilitate your journey:

Security Tips:

  1. Place loose items such as your mobile phone, wallet, watch, and keys in your hand baggage.
  2. Keep your laptop in an easily accessible spot as it will need to be placed separately in a security tray during scanning.
  3. If your belt has a metal buckle or your shoes have heels, kindly remove them and place them in a security tray.
  4. Place liquid containers in a clear, resealable plastic bag within your hand baggage. Remember, each liquid should not exceed 100ml. Certain exemptions apply for medication, baby milk/foods, and special dietary requirements during your trip.

Provisions for Dangerous Goods in Baggage:

Hand Luggage: Please ensure that your hand luggage does not contain any prohibited items.


Similar to all countries, the UAE has regulations regarding items that can and cannot be brought into the country. Every traveler must pass through Dubai Customs. Carrying certain items can result in fines, and in severe cases, imprisonment, such as with narcotic drugs. If you have any doubts about specific items, we strongly recommend declaring them upon arrival.

Please note that requirements are subject to change, and we advise all passengers to visit the Dubai Customs website before their travel.