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Baggage reclaim

Discover our efficient system that ensures a swift departure for you.

Find the Perfect Carouse

l Clearly marked signs above each carousel indicate the corresponding flight for baggage collection.

If you can’t locate the carousel assigned to your flight, simply approach one of our helpful Guest Experience Ambassadors.

Convenient Baggage

Assistance At Dubai International, our porter services are conveniently available at the terminal entrances, Departures, and after Passport Control in Arrivals. Terminal 1 and 2 DWC charge AED 30 for a regular trolley, while Terminal 3 offers a regular trolley for AED 40 and a flat-bed trolley for AED 100. Kindly settle the porter fees directly.

Baggage Reclaim at Dubai International Airport (DXB) – Your Guide

Navigating baggage reclaim at DXB can be a breeze with the right information. Here’s a breakdown to help you find your luggage smoothly:

Finding Your Carousel:

  • Check your flight information: Your boarding pass or arrival screen will indicate the expected baggage carousel number for your flight.
  • Look for digital displays: These display arriving flight numbers and corresponding carousel assignments.
  • Ask an airport staff member: They can assist you in finding the right carousel if you’re unsure.

Collecting Your Luggage:

  • Wait patiently: Allow sufficient time for your luggage to arrive, especially after long-haul flights.
  • Identify your luggage: Double-check baggage tags to ensure you collect the right bag.
  • Declare any valuables: If you’re carrying valuables like electronics or jewelry, declare them at customs before leaving the baggage area.
  • Seek assistance: If your luggage is damaged, missing, or delayed, report it to the nearest baggage services counter.

Additional Tips:

  • Use porter services: Consider using porters, especially if you have heavy luggage. They can be found at the entrance of terminals and in the baggage reclaim area.
  • Download Dubai Airports app: This app provides real-time flight information, including baggage carousel assignments.
  • Check allowance limits: Make sure your luggage adheres to airline and customs regulations regarding weight and size restrictions.
  • Relax and enjoy: Once you have your luggage, unwind and embrace your Dubai adventure!

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