How to get to the dxb Airport ?

Dubai Airport offers several options for passengers wishing to transfer to and from downtown Dubai. The following transportation options are available at Dubai Airport:

By Taxi

Getting to DXB Airport:

Pre-order a taxi by calling +971 800 88088 or flag one down on the road.
Look for cream-colored Dubai Taxi cabs, with pink-trimmed ones driven by female drivers.
Going from DXB:

Follow signs to the official taxi rank or ask Guest Experience Ambassadors for assistance.
Taxi ranks are well-organized and operate 24/7.
Fare from the airport includes a flag charge of AED25 and AED1.96 per kilometer.
Other taxis:

Dubai Taxi Corporation offers various transportation choices.
Going from DWC:

Dubai Taxi Corporation operates dedicated taxis.
Until May 30, the taxi flag fare from DWC is reduced to AED5.
Shared taxis are available.
Private taxis:

Careem app users can enjoy a 25% discount with code FLYDWC.
Enjoy convenient and reliable transport to and from DXB and DWC Airports.

By Metro

Dubai International (DXB) provides convenient access to Dubai Metro, one of the world's modern transit systems. The metro is known for its cleanliness, efficiency, air-conditioning, and cost-effectiveness.

Operating Hours: Dubai Metro operates frequently from DXB Terminals 1 and 3, both located on the Red Line. The Red Line runs from 5 AM to midnight (Monday to Thursday), 5 AM to 1 AM (the next day) on Fridays, and 8 AM to midnight on Sundays.

Simplified Network: With only two lines, Dubai Metro offers a user-friendly network, even for newcomers. Most stations have connecting buses and taxi ranks, providing convenient onward travel options. Major hotels and tourist destinations are often within close proximity to a metro station.

Ticketing: Tickets can be purchased at the airport stations. The fare depends on the number of zones traveled but remains highly affordable. Consider using the Nol card, which can be loaded with credit and offers discounted fares.

Special Carriages: Dubai Metro has a "gold class" carriage available at the front of each train for a small premium. This carriage provides a unique view through the driverless front window. There is also a designated carriage for women and children.

Baggage Allowance: Passengers are permitted up to two pieces of luggage, with one being hand luggage. For detailed information, please visit the RTA website.

Dubai World Central: For those heading to Dubai World Central, the nearest metro station is located at Ibn Battuta Mall, accessible by bus or taxi.

Experience the convenience and affordability of Dubai Metro at Dubai International Airport (DXB).

By Bus

Dubai Airport offers cost-effective bus transportation for convenient transfers to and from downtown Dubai. With extensive routes and stands located opposite Terminals 1, 2, and 3, buses provide a budget-friendly option. Please note that a Nol card must be purchased in advance, as cash payments are not accepted. Explore Dubai affordably with bus services from Dubai Airport.

Car Rental

Car rental services at Dubai Airport offer a wide range of options, providing flexibility and convenience for travelers. Renting a vehicle allows you to easily navigate Dubai and explore its attractions, as well as conveniently travel to other destinations during your stay. Experience the freedom and convenience of self-driving with our extensive car rental services at Dubai Airport.
Dubai hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, including the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Expo, showcasing the city's vibrant culture and fostering global connections.

With its excellent infrastructure, Dubai provides efficient transportation options, including a modern metro system, taxis, and buses, making it easy to navigate and explore the city.

In summary, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity. From its architectural wonders and shopping extravaganzas to its diverse dining scene and outdoor adventures, Dubai offers an unforgettable experience for travelers from around the world.