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WhatsApp calling not working in Dubai DXB Airport

by dxb-airport.com

WhatsApp calling and video calling are currently not functional in Dubai. This is due to restrictions placed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TDRA) of the UAE on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications.

Here are the main reasons behind these restrictions on whatsapp:

  • Security and Regulation: The government aims to have more control and ensure security over communication channels within the country.
  • Protecting Local Telecom Providers: These restrictions encourage users to opt for traditional calling plans offered by state-owned telecom companies, generating revenue for them.

While these restrictions pose a challenge, there are alternative ways to stay connected during your visit to Dubai:

Making Calls using whatsapp:

  • Local SIM Card: This is a cost-effective solution. Purchase a tourist SIM card at Dubai International Airport (DXB) from Etisalat or Du, the major providers. These cards come with calling minutes included.
  • International Roaming: Check with your home mobile service provider for international roaming charges in Dubai. This can be expensive, so use it sparingly.

Alternatives for Video Calls:

  • Wi-Fi Calling Apps: Apps like FaceTime (Apple users) and Google Duo allow video calling when connected to Wi-Fi. Many cafes, restaurants, and hotels offer free Wi-Fi, but video call quality depends on the internet speed.
  • Other Video Calling Apps: Skype and Microsoft Teams offer video chat options, but some features might require subscriptions or in-app purchases.

Staying Connected Otherwise:

  • WhatsApp Texting: Thankfully, text messaging and file sharing remain unrestricted on WhatsApp. You can use it to exchange messages and photos.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram offer direct messaging and video chat features when connected to Wi-Fi.

Tips for a Smooth Experience:

  • Download Apps Before Arrival: Download communication apps you plan to use in Dubai before your trip to avoid data usage charges upon arrival.
  • Free vs Paid Services: Be mindful of potential costs associated with different communication methods. Some might require subscriptions or in-app purchases.
  • Respect Local Laws: Always comply with local regulations regarding communication technology in Dubai.

By planning ahead and choosing the option that best suits your needs and budget, you can overcome communication hurdles and enjoy your time in Dubai!


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