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Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport (DXB) luggage storage

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Focusing on Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport (DXB) for luggage storage, here’s a detailed breakdown of your options:

Short-Term Storage (Up to 72 Hours):

  • Terminal 3 Baggage Services: Located near the Arrivals level, this is the official baggage storage facility. Prices start at:
    • AED 40 for the first 24 hours for standard suitcases (up to 75cm).
    • AED 50 for the first 24 hours for non-standard luggage (over 75cm or odd-shaped).
    • AED 20/25 per additional 24 hours for standard/non-standard luggage, respectively.
  • Emirates Left Luggage: Situated near Exit 1 at Arrivals, this option caters specifically to Emirates passengers. Rates are:
    • AED 80 for the first 24 hours, regardless of luggage size.
    • AED 40 for each additional 24 hours.

Best Deals:

  • Multiple Bags: If you have multiple standard-sized suitcases, storing them all under one Terminal 3 Baggage Services ticket (AED 40) is cheaper than individual tickets.
  • Long Layovers: If your layover exceeds 24 hours, using the Emirates Left Luggage initial 24-hour charge (AED 80) followed by subsequent 24-hour charges (AED 40) is more economical than paying AED 40 every 24 hours at Terminal 3.
  • Compare Costs: Consider the total cost of storing all your bags at one facility versus splitting them between cheaper options if convenient.

Other Options:

  • Left Luggage Lockers: Located near Gate A18 and near Costa Coffee on level 2 of Departures, these lockers offer self-service storage. Prices vary based on size and duration, but generally begin around AED 20 per hour.
  • Airport Hotels with Baggage Storage: Some hotels near Terminal 3, like Premier Inn Dubai International Airport, offer luggage storage services for guests or even non-guests for fees comparable to terminal facilities. Consider this if you have an overnight stay or want convenient access to your luggage.

Additional Tips:

  • Look for online promotions or special offers from the storage facilities or partnered travel websites for luggage storage.
  • Check baggage allowance regulations with your airline to avoid storing over-sized or prohibited items.
  • Label your luggage securely with your name and contact information.
  • Double-check pick-up times and avoid incurring additional charges for exceeding your storage period.

By considering your specific needs and comparing options, you can find the most convenient and cost-effective luggage storage solution at Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport DXB. Have a smooth and enjoyable journey!

Luggage dxb
Luggage dxb

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