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At Delizie, our goal is to fulfill your everyday cravings while catering to your specific dietary requirements. In line with the rich Italian culinary heritage, we believe that a diverse selection of food is essential for a fulfilling lifestyle. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to personalize your culinary journey. Select your desired foundation and enhance it with an array of freshly sourced ingredients, allowing you to create a unique and satisfying food experience.

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Terminal 3 – Depatures

“Delizie” at DXB could refer to two different establishments, both offering Italian culinary delights:

1. Delizie Caffè Gourmet:

  • Location: Dubai Harbour Yacht Club – Open between 8AM – 8PM daily.
  • Ambiance: An open-air cafe with breathtaking views of the Dubai Harbour. Pets are welcome!
  • Food: Delicious Italian delicacies ranging from breakfast and lunch options to gelato and coffee. They take pride in using fresh produce and offer customization options.
  • Highlights: Signature dishes include fresh salads, wood-fired pizzas, homemade pasta, and melt-in-your-mouth desserts.
  • Perfect for: A casual yet indulgent Italian meal with scenic views and a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Delizie Italian Food Lounge:

  • Location: The Daily DXB (within Mall of the Emirates) – Open daily from 10AM to midnight.
  • Ambiance: A vibrant and inviting restaurant with a focus on fresh, fast-casual Italian food.
  • Food: Customize your own Italian experience by choosing your base (pasta, salad, etc.) and adding your favorite toppings. Offer pizzas, burgers, and healthy options too.
  • Highlights: Known for their “Create Your Own Pasta” concept, generous portions, and friendly service.
  • Perfect for: A convenient and satisfying Italian meal at an affordable price, ideal for families or quick lunches.

To tell you exactly which Delizie you’re interested in, I need a little more information. Did you have any specific details about the location, the type of food, or the atmosphere in mind?